How to shop online

Welcome to eChristmas.

Your satisfaction is our priority and we will try our best to exceed your expectations in terms of our products, service and trust.

Shopping on the internet should be fun, quick and easy and we have tried very hard to ensure your shopping experience with us is pleasant.

If you would prefer not to place your order online, during normal business hours, please feel free to contact our customer service team on TOLL FREE 1800 020 020 who can process your order by phone. They are also able to assist you in navigating the site and with any questions you may have.

To help you on your way while cyber shopping, we have provided some instructions on how to navigate around the site.

Our site gives you a “virtual shopping basket” throughout the entire site and you can add items to your basket or delete items from your basket whenever you like just like with a real shopping basket.

Step 1 – Searching for products & adding to your shopping basket

To search for the products you desire, you have 3 choices :

a) How to find products through “main product groups” navigation bar

The navigation bar to the left of the website displays a list of the major product groups eChristmas provides. By clicking on a selected category, the site will automatically take you to sub-categories of the main category and thereafter will list the products within that category group. On the right of each product listing will be a small image of the product and by clicking on this image, you are able to view a much larger image of the product in terrific detail.

At either the product listing stage or at the individual product detail stage, you are able to add a product to your shopping basket by selecting the “BUY” option. You have at this stage not really bought the product but rather simply added the product to your shopping basket. When you do this, you will receive on screen confirmation that the product has actually been added to your basket.

Some pleasant features of the product details page will also allow you to:

Send an “e-mail to a friend” adding your own personal message
View a more printer friendly version of the product details page

When you have added the product to your basket you can view the details of your basket and click on “Return to Main Menu” or select another product category from the navigation bar to continue looking for more products to add to your basket.

Wherever you are on the site at any point in time, you are able to view your shopping basket by clicking on the “View my order” link on the left hand navigation bar.

b) How to find products through “Search’

If you cannot find a product you would like through the main product group selection on the left hand navigation bar, you can also search for a product using the search window in the navigation bar. This is a text search and it will result in a product listing of all products containing the search string in the product description.

You can also search for the eChristmas product code if you are aware of it.

This feature may be extremely useful in helping you find your desired product. The more general your search the larger the product listing. We recommend you try a few different options in your search and very quickly you will learn the best method of searching.

Please refer to the section above (point a), for information on product listings, product detail pages and adding orders to your shopping basket.

c) How to find products through “home page” images

On the home page (front page) of our site images of selected products groups appear. By clicking on a selected image, you will be taken to the product listing for that group.

Please refer to the section above (point a), for information on product listings, product detail pages and adding orders to your shopping basket.

Step 2 – Processing your basket

Once you have added all your selected products to your basket you can go back to your basket by clicking on “view my basket” in the navigation bar on the left hand menu. This will automatically take you into a “SSL secure” internet environment. From this point on any information you provide on our site cannot be viewed by anyone else on the web – it is totally secure.

At this point you can either add, delete or change the contents of your basket or you can proceed with your order by clicking on “purchase”.

Step 3 – Purchase and Delivery Details

At this stage of your order, you will be advised of your grand product total including freight. Please refer to delivery information for details on delivery and freight.

At this point, please enter your correct contact details and your nominated delivery address and click on “Total”.

We highly recommend that you choose a delivery address where during the main course of the day, someone is present to accept and sign for your delivery. Your workplace is the ideal delivery point.

This will then take you to the “order confirmation” page where your credit card details need to be entered. All credit card transactions are handled by a specialist credit card processing company used by many of Australia’s largest banks. Your entire credit card details are fully encrypted and we can offer you total peace of mind in relation to your privacy and credit card security.

Once approved, your order will be confirmed and you will be able to print out a copy of your order for your records.

At this stage, your order will be complete and we will commence the preparation of your order for delivery to you. Please refer to delivery information.