Candles & Tealights

The five main types of candles
Candles provide an ambience that is warm and inviting, giving intimacy that standard lighting struggles to achieve. There is diversity types, scents and uses and still form an integral part of any home. They come in 5 different types, in either flame or LED flameless and can be either scent or unscented
1.Tea Light Candles
These are small and lightweight generally with a burn time of around two hours. They can be used in decor ornaments or enmass to give an amazing effect at a very cost effective. They are also used as warmers for wax melts, oil burners and the like and come either scented or unscented, flameless or lit.
2.Votive Candle
Like tea lights these candle come in small pot or jar, they burn for a longer time than tea lights and are available in scented, unscented, flameless or lit. They ars smokeless and give a beautiful radiance to a room when multiple candles are used and will simply burn out if left.
3. Taper Candles
Taper candles are ageless. Whether you want to create a romantic vibe in the dining room or you want to add some character to your mantel, these candles are just what you’re looking for. Taper candles are long lasting and will burn for as long as 10 hours. Taper candles require a candle holder, candelabra or a simple stand to display. Generally unscented but either can be lit or flameless.
4. Candle Pot
As the name suggest these candles come in pots, jars, tins or a receptacle of some form, they provide a versatility to any area and generally scented. They are usually lit and not flameless and by there nature a both visually and aromatically pleasing.
5. Pillar Candles
These are regarded as the work horse of the group and come is a variety of shapes and sizes without the need for a holder, although it is recommended that a plate be placed under them. They are available in either flameless or can be lit. They can make a statement due to there size and can come scented. Due to the variety of shapes and sizes they can be mixed to create a truly beautiful display

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