Tinsel is a classic Christmas decoration and makes Christmas decorating easy. Tinsel is perfect as a decoration for use on its own as it has tremendous impact. It can be hung from walls or ceilings and is normally flexible enough to be wrapped around almost anything such as the Christmas tree, on a staircase or railing.
Mix and match tinsel with Christmas decorations
Tinsel can also be combined and colour matched with tinsel end decorations such as large baubles, bells and stars for a dynamic display. We have a large range of quality tinsel with differing thickness, colours, lengths and styles. Other metallic products related to tinsel include shredded tinsel icicles (lametta) , star wired garlands , foil curtains and foil hanging decorations.

Tinsel is also known as garland and comes from the French word estincele that means sparkle. It was originally made of shredded silver.

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