What is a wishlist

Remember Products you want to buy later!

You have to register on our website and be logged in to use the wishlist function.

What is a wishlist
A wishlist is like a shopping list or short list and allows you to identify products you would like for a future purchase … As you browse our product range you can select products that take your interest and add them to your own wishlist.

You can then narrow down your actual purchase to items you definately want … you can show it to friends, family and colleagues … or you can simply leave it in your wishlist for the future (when you return to our site you will know your favourite products already).

How to use your wishlist
All products can be added to your wishlist from the product detail page by simply clicking on the “add to wishlist” button. When a product is not in stock, you can also add the product to your wishlist from the product listing page.

When you add a product to your wishlist, you will automatically be taken to your wishlist where you can view the products you have selected. From this page:

You can add products directly to your shopping cart.
You can view updates on stock availability.
You can click on the small image of the product to go back to the product detail page.
You can remove products from your wishlist by clicking the red cross next to the product.
You can continue shopping from the last page you visited.

How to access your wishlist

You can simply click on the “add to wishlist” button anywhere on our site.
You can can select to “View your current wishlist” from the “VIP Club” option on the red bar at the top of the page (you need to register and login to access the “VIP Club” option).
You can simply click on your name in the “My Shopping Cart” section at the top right hand side of the webpage and follow the step above.